Future of Urban Agriculture

New York City now has the opportunity to ensure that the growing urban agriculture movement can continue to make our city a more sustainable, productive, and beautiful place to live. This section highlights some of the policy recommendations made by Five Borough Farm to integrate urban agriculture more fully into New York City's landscape and governance, connect farmers and gardeners grassroots efforts to municipal policy, and increase resources to support existing and future urban agriculture activity.

Future of Urban Agriculture

"Right now urban agriculture’s on everyone’s lips and it sounds good. But yet, are people in power then making policy? Are they thinking of it as, ‘Oh, it’s a new wave and it will go away’? Or do they really believe in what they’re saying: as the city goes into the next decade or so and even further, that community gardens and urban farms must be part of the landscape when it comes to urban planning?”

– Community Gardener

Needs and Challenges

In detailed interviews, dozens of farmers and gardeners, government officials, funders, and support organizations described the opportunities and barriers facing urban agriculture in New York today. Read more

Policy Recommendations

Policy affects every aspect of urban agriculture, from the availability of soil to the use of city-owned land to the ways that decisions about farms and gardens are made. Read more