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  • Portfolio: Five Borough Farm

    "Last week, after three years of research and evaluation, the Design Trust and Added Value launched their findings and recommendations in a publication and companion website, both illustrated with Rob Stephenson’s photographic portrait of the farms and gardens of New York. Here, Stephenson shares a selection of his photographs and talks about his participation in the initiative."
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  • Design Trust Launches Five Borough Farm

    "The Design Trust for Public Space last week launched a beautiful, new website to promote its “Five Borough Farm” urban agriculture project. The project stems from a 2009 proposal to the Design Trust by partner Added Value, a nonprofit introducing youth from South Brooklyn to urban farming."
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  • Design Trust Brings the Urban Farm to New York's Planning Table

    "Five Borough Farm lays out a roadmap for the integration and expansion of New York's urban farms, with analysis of present conditions, metrics that establish a common framework for evaluating success, and policy recommendations that would make agriculture integral to city planning."  
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  • Q&A: Susan Chin on Urban Farms

    "This week you launched Five Borough Farm: Seeding the Future of Urban Agriculture in New York City. It's quite an accomplishment. Can you talk about what got you to this milestone?"
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  • Book of the Moment: Five Borough Farm

    "Five Borough Farm: Seeding the Future of Urban Agriculture in New York City...is a watershed in examining the benefits of urban agriculture."
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  • Food for Thinkers: Five Borough Farm

    "Five Borough Farm has the potential to literally reshape the city through food."
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  • Inside the Five Borough Farm Project

    "There’s a fantastic organization based here in New York City that might be under your radar, the Design Trust for Public Space. One of the Design Trust’s currently developing projects is Five Borough Farm, an effort to evaluate the collective impact of the City’s diverse community of urban farmers, to voice their challenges, and to assist the City in developing policy that addresses the needs of our farming community."

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  • No Turkeys Here

    "Nevin Cohen of the Five Borough Farm project, along with the other pioneers of the urban food movement, [is] making a difference."
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  • New Land Grant for Urban Living

    "The decision to fund the Design Trust for Public Space project 'is because there is no hard data about the real effects of urban agriculture. Whether it's on economics, health or qualitative issues about the environment,' says Mr. Henry."
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  • Five Borough Farm

    "Urban agriculture engages people in initiatives to strengthen and improve the social, ecological, and economic well-being of their communities and, by extension, the city as a whole."
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  • Rob Stephenson on Capturing the Farms of New York City

    "I was amazed by the amount and diversity of food that people are able to grow in such a seemingly inhospitable environment. From stalks of corn in a Bed-Stuy lot and rooftop bee hives in the shadow of the Chrysler building to watermelons and tanks of tilapia in Far Rockaway, Queens, everything that can be grown in the city is being grown."
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  • The Five Borough Farm

    "Its no wonder why Food Inc. is in so many Netflix queues– people realize the social, health, economic, and ecological benefits of eating local, fresh food. And now NYC is getting in on the act by creating new public spaces that can produce food closer to its populace."
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    The Five Borough Farm press kit is avalable as a single PDF document.

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