Project Team
  • Jerome Chou, Design Trust Director of Programs

    Jerome Chou is the Director of Programs at the Design Trust for Public Space. He joined the Design Trust in 2009 after working at the landscape architecture and urban design firm Field Operations as a project manager for Freshkills Park. He has also worked as a community planner for the Baltimore City Department of Planning; a community organizer for Brooklyn ACORN and the Working Families Party; and an assistant editor at the non-profit book publisher The New Press. He holds Masters degrees in Landscape Architecture and Urban Planning from the Harvard Design School.

  • Nevin Cohen, Policy Fellow

    Nevin Cohen was awarded the Policy Fellowship from the Design Trust for Public Space for Five Borough Farm. For his fellowship, Nevin conducted confidential interviews with 31 stakeholders, reviewed policy documents from New York City, participated in both the FoodNYC and FoodWorks advisory groups, spoke to urban agriculture stakeholders and policymakers in several cities across the country, convened a Policy working group to get crucial feedback, and developed over 30 policy recommendations.

    Nevin is an Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies at The New School, and Co-Chair of the Tishman Environment and Design Center, the university's interdisciplinary environmental research and education center.  His research and professional work focuses on urban food policy in the urban and peri-urban landscape. Nevin holds a Ph. D. in Urban Planning from Rutgers University, a Masters in City and Regional Planning from UC Berkeley, and a BA from Cornell.

  • Agnieszka Gasparska, Graphic Design Fellow

    Agnieszka Gasparska was awarded the Graphic Design Fellowship from the Design Trust for Public Space for Five Borough Farm. For her fellowship, Agnieszka developed the project identity, designed the Five Borough Farm publication and website, and also created all the information graphics, illustrations, and diagrams featured throughout.

    Agnieszka is the creative director and founder of the New York City-based design firm, Kiss Me I'm Polish, where she leads the multidisciplinary teams in developing strategic and creative vision for websites, interactive applications, identity systems and print solutions. Before establishing her own firm, she spent five years as a senior art director at New York City's premier interactive agency, Funny Garbage. Her clients have included GOOD, The Museum of Modern Art, National Geographic, and WW Norton.

  • Ian Marvy, Project Partner

    Ian Marvy represented Added Value as the project partner for Five Borough Farm. As project partner, Ian provided invaluable feedback, guidance, and input on every aspect of Five Borough Farm.

    Ian is the co-founder and Executive Director of Added Value, and a resident of the Red Hook, the Brooklyn neighborhood where his organization works. Prior to founding Added Value, Ian spent 15 years organizing youth to become a positive force for social change in post-industrial cities and towns like Holyoke, Massachusetts, Camden, New Jersey, and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He also spent two years in New York designing service-learning programs for youth caught up in the juvenile justice system.

  • Rupal Sanghvi, Metrics Fellow

    Rupal Sanghvi was awarded the Metrics Fellowship from the Design Trust for Public Space for Five Borough Farm. For her fellowship, Rupal conducted confidential interviews with 31 stakeholders, reviewed literature to find previous studies that evaluated the outcomes common to urban agriculture, visited farms and gardens citywide, created the indicator guide and metrics framework, and convened a metrics working group.

    Rupal specializes in program evaluation, which means asking the question "how can we demonstrate the benefits of our work?" and then works with implementing programs to respond with meaningful metrics.  In 2010, she founded HealthxDesign, which explores and communicates the role of design—including the built environment—for optimizing health outcomes. Rupal is also a Principal Investigator at the Public Health Institute.

  • Rob Stephenson, Photo Urbanism Fellow

    Rob Stephenson was awarded the Photo Urbanism Fellowship from the Design Trust for Public Space for Five Borough Farm. For his fellowship, Rob visited and documented more than 100 farms and gardens throughout the five boroughs of New York City from June 2011 to July 2012. All photographs featured on this website and in the Five Borough Farm publication are by Rob, and were taken with a large format, 8x10 camera.

    Rob is a fine art photographer based in Brooklyn, New York. Rob's work focuses on the confluence of nature and the built environment. He has worked with award-winning New York photographer Joel Meyerowitz on several book projects, including 2009's "Legacy: The Preservation of Wilderness in New York City Parks." His photography has been exhibited at various venues including the Brooklyn Museum of Art, Jen Bekman Gallery, Lehman College Art Gallery, and the Museum of the City of New York. Read an interview with Rob about his fellowship on Next American City.

  • thread collective, Design Fellow

    thread collective was awarded the Design Fellowship from the Design Trust for Public Space for Five Borough Farm. For their fellowship, Gita Nandan and Elliott Maltby contributed research and mapping, conducted various outreach interviews, and helped shape the project publication and website. thread also assisted Added Value with the original project proposal to the Design Trust for Public Space, in 2009.

    thread is an award-winning multi-disciplinary design studio in Brooklyn, New York founded by three graduates of UC Berkeley: Elliott Maltby, Mark Mancuso, and Gita Nandan. The collective explores the seams between building, art and landscape, stitching the diverse elements of the built environment to their ecological and social context through innovative design and research. The studio has served as a platform for collaboration with the diverse range of designers, artists, scientists, and policy makers.

  • Website Design & Development

    The Five Borough Farm website was designed by Kiss Me I'm Polish and developed by Barrel. We think they did an amazing job, don't you?

  • Additional Contributors

    Melissa Alexander, Design Trust program associate

    Brian Brush, mapping

    Chiara de Palma, Design Trust intern

    Rachel Dannefer, interview coding

    Danielle Dowler, mapping

    Michael Fox, Design Trust intern

    Jennifer Gardner, Design Trust intern

    Danielle Honey, workshop coordinator

    Kristin Reynolds, research collaborator

    Margaret Seiler, publication copyeditor

  • Special Thanks

    Special thanks to former Design Trust staff who worked on this project:

    Deborah Marton, Executive Director

    Stephanie Elson, Director of Programs

    Leslie McBeth, Development Associate


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